Monday, July 15, 2013

How To Create a Business Website With Joomla

Your in the right place if your seeking information about creating your own business website with Joomla the leading CMS (content management system). You can learn how to build a website for business that can easily grow in design and functionality no matter the size of your business. 

You may be new to building a website or a seasoned pro and have never used Joomla before but know how easy it will be to:

  • update your own website content.
  • save money on designers.
  • fix mistakes immediately.
 Whatever your situation, this is a great move on your part. Welcome to Joomla!

You can find tutorials all over the web but I wanted to show you in one place the Joomla tutorials that will get you off and running in a way that is not intimidating. Learn how to build a 5 page business website with step by step instructions with access to live help for way less than a college course or paying for a webdesigner.

Joomla Tutorials 

  1. How To Install Joomla as your first tutorial. 
  2. How To  Joomla Module Positions .
  3. How To Fix Joomla  Server Errors.
Installing and using Joomla is a process that can be learned by anyone with the desire to learn. Once you see how different and universal Joomla software is I am certain you will never use another.

The Joomla tutorials on this site can be watched over and over again . You can get inexpensive Joomla training to build your own 5 page business website at Learn Joomla Fast website.

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