Monday, November 11, 2013

Start Your Own Web Site Free or Start Your Own Website Business - Learn Joomla With No Coding or HTML

Starting your own website free when you know how to operate the easiest content management system there is or starting your own website building business is up to you. 

There are people seeking web designers every second of the day to help set up a quality website, fix a bad website or update and existing one. You most likely need these services also and are will to learn how to do this task yourself. 

You can build your own website with Joomla software to build your own websites free. It is:

  • free download
  • push button features
  • no coding
I wanted to point out that web building is very much in demand and so will the people that have the knowledge to start their own websites. 
What I have realized is that many don't fully understand the difference between a web designer and a web developer. So what is it you really want to learn? Let me first make the terms clear.

What is Web Site Design?

Web site design normally relates to the design and client side of a website. A Web designer designs the layout and functionality of a website. Web design relates to chosen appropriate themes,updates, look and usability of the website. A web designers work may overlap into web development.
The good news is you no longer have to learn coding or html to learn web design. There is a CMS content management system called Joomla many are learning without a degree in computer science to be a success.

What is Web Site Development?

Web site development involves making a web site ready for the internet or intranet (private use). This entails security considerations, coding for the client and server side.
I'm sure there is so much more I can add but I just wanted you to know there is a difference between the two. Like any business starting a web design business will take time and training just to name a few.

No Time to Learn Coding and HTML? Learn Joomla

Anyone that can use a computer can learn Joomla. Joomla is a CMS that works with modules in a push button scenario. Once you understand the dynamics of using the Joomla system you will be free to build a website within the hour unlike those that code. Coding is becoming unnecessary to becoming a successful web designer. But no longer necessary with Joomla.You can:
  • build your own website.
  • build websites for profit.
  • build eCommerce websites.
  • update website and pages for a profit.
  • have access to unlimited extensions and themes.

What Is Needed To Start A Web Site Design Business?

  • training
  • clients
  • office
  • website

5 Tips To Starting Your Own Web Site Design Business

Starting your own web design business is a great business to began. It will take time and dedication to become successful. Many people enter this field with the hopes to become wealthy and have the freedom of working on their own.
This is very reasonable if you are very determined. You will have to be mindful of the pitfalls that can stop your business in it's track when it grows larger than expected.
  1. Hire someone to sell your services for you. You can drum up business and take care of clients and be successful in both jobs.
  2. Get yourself an accountant when your business grows. Being an accountant takes time and you hopefully won't have any later.
  3. Hire a web developer if that is not your area.
  4. Have someone business savvy on your team.
  5. Have unstoppable desire to succeed.


You may be thinking that you have to have been in the web design business for years working for others already, but this is further from the truth. All you need is to be familiar with a computer to be able to follow the steps. Anyone can learn this. If you are ready and feel unstoppable  I suggest you get your course before the prices go up or they remove the free coaching sessions. 
You can start your own business online with an experienced company there to guide you every step of the way. This is only a suggestion. I saw the program and thought if I was thinking about going into my own home based business and could get a coach to help me every step of the way why wouldn't I do it to assure my success?
For information on inexpensive courses to learn to build websites free visit Learn Joomla Fast. Good luck on your new web site design business.

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