Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Learn How To Build Your Own Website or Start Your Own Business With Joomla Training - Anyone can do this! No Coding or HTML!

So, you need a website. Have you already paid a lot for a website, just to not like it? You might just want to learn web design to build your own or your ready for a career change to web design.
Millions of people are taking web design courses as a new career because of the income potential or for the money they will be saving by building their own website.
I know how tiresome it can become to use free websites that can't expand as your business grows. Learning how to use a platform such as Joomla will eliminate this concern.

Joomla 3.0 is the latest content management system that is becoming a true rival to Word-Press and other CMS (content management system). Joomla is used because of the easy to use push button features and many extensions to enable you to grow your website anyway you see fit. Joomla has over 35 million downloads that says it is becoming more desirable everyday. See why companies like Burger King
  • Easy to use.
  • Save money on web designers.
  • Update your own website and pages.
  • Ability to enhance and grow website with business growth.

Joomla Benefits

The benefits if learning how to build a website with Joomla 3.0 should be much clearer, but in case it is not here are some of the benefits you will enjoy.
  • Build your own website.
  • Push button system.
  • Update your own website.
  • No coding needed.
  • No more HTML
  • Latest designs/template
  • Mobile device compatibility.
  • Make unlimited income.
  • New career path

Joomla Extensions

Joomla has many different extension to help you customize the way you want to view your website and add functionality you need. Joomla has over 7,000 extensions so don't worry about not finding what you need.
You can think of Joomla extensions the way you think about your cell phone apps; each app allows you to have another function or capability.
Nevertheless Joomla is here to stay. The only thing now is for you to decide is, what is the best way for you to learn Joomla.

5 Reasons To Learn Joomla

Learning Joomla requires no coding or html so there is no need for spending thousands of dollars for a course. In fact a anyone that can use a computer can learn how to build a Joomla website if they really wanted.
Joomla has over 35 million downloads that says it is becoming more desirable everyday. Here are some of the reasons why people are using Joomla and switching from their current CMS.
  • Make Money.
  • Easy to use.
  • Career Change.
  • Anyone familiar with a computer can learn.
  • No coding or html to learn.
  • Update your own website and others.

Joomla Training

Finding the right training to get you knowledgeable about the Joomla platform as soon as possible is imperative. If you are confused and discouraged, most likely you'll quit and never see how wonderful it to make your first website, how much money you could have saved or earned with your new skill. Look for Joomla Training that is:
  • Easy to understand.
  • Assistance when needed.
  • For people who are newbie.

How To Build A Beautiful Website

Joomla For Beginners

Joomla has so many components that it can seem confusing, and out of reach to many people at first glance. But learning Joomla is attainable for beginners as well as veterans of other website building platforms. Just by learning the basics you can build beautiful websites in literally minutes.
I am not exaggerating here. Remember there is no coding or html, Joomla is a push button system, and if you learn this system you will be rewarded handsomely if you chose.

What Do You Need Before Learning Joomla

You will need hosting to store your files from companies like, and You will also need a domain name as your url. Joomla can be uploaded for free.
  • Joomla Download
  • Hosting
  • Domain Name
Learning how to build your own website will feel amazing and be a great accomplishment. This skill is one that can be marketed and have you in demand if you decide to be a freelance web designer.
It will take a little time to absorb the concept and get around your learning curve, but after, you will be very proud of yourself and able to build your first website. I have included a link to a Joomla course that has easy step by step video instructions you can play over as you follow.
I hope this article about building a website with Joomla was informational. Please vote up if you did. Thanks!
Joomla For Absolute Beginners is  Joomla training that has short easy to follow video instruction and a website specialist that will answer your questions by email. You will also receive a certificate when you finish your training at your own speed. I was surprised at the low cost for what it included.

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